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  • Marijuana Breathalyzer

    Marijuana Breathalyzer

    The HOUND® MARIJUANA BREATHALYZER, the first ultra-sensitive and portable marijuana test, helps employers balance Safety + Fairness™ in the era of marijuana legalization. Test results from the HOUND BREATHALYZER indicate very recent marijuana use within two to three hours of smoking. Current marijuana tests (using hair, blood, urine, or oral fluid) can result in positive tests for days or weeks after use—well outside the window of peak impairment. Relying on these tests means employers may lose responsible employees who legally used over the weekend, but later test positive at work. The HOUND BREATHALYZER helps employers keep valuable employees while maintaining safety.


  • Are Your Workers Flying High?

    With the legalization of medicinal or recreational cannabis, now in 38 states and counting, the fitness for duty of workers on the job is in serious question. This has precipitated a need to review shortcomings in traditional drug and alcohol testing and it has brought a reconsideration of fitness for duty in general, apart from drug use. What’s now needed is a holistic approach to detecting any kind of impairment, regardless of cause.

  • Has Urine Testing Been Left High and Dry in California?

    This free webinar will cover the following topics during this webinar: what is the difference between cannabis, marijuana, THC, CBD, Delta-8; defining parent versus metabolite and its relationship to specimen type; why the California law on not testing for metabolites is significant; how can you continue to test for marijuana in your workplace.

  • Employee Health Screening: Workplace Drug Testing 101

    This webinar will cover the differences between drug test specimens, help viewers understand different testing circumstances, give an overview of various law types, and scratch the surface of ever-changing cannabis regulations.


  • Hidden in plain sight: Drugs of abuse in the workplace

    SwabTek® offers a groundbreaking solution for identifying drugs and paraphernalia in the workplace. The test card detects the presence of drugs on concealed paraphernalia, like vapes, gummies, pills, and edibles, including surfaces, enabling quick and accurate identification for a drug-free workplace.

  • Are Your Workers Flying High?

    The legalization of cannabis and the limitations of traditional drug testing put companies at serious risk. Download this White Paper for practical advice and a step-by-step guide for deploying a proven solution that detects any kind of impairment in one minute.